¡¿ But... What means Serendipia !?

A serendipity is a discovery or a fortunate and unexpected thing that occurs when you are looking for something different. It also refers to the ability of a subject to recognize that he has made an important discovery even if it is not related to what he was looking for. In general terms, it can also be referred to the chance or coincidence, the unexpected fact of finding something surprising and wonderful.

¡¡¿ So... What is Serendipia Brand !!?


Serendipia Brand is all of that and more! Our brand idea was born in Seville, Spain, with a group of young people willing to break the rules! Passionate about traveling, getting to know cultures and embarking on a thousand and one adventures, we decided to create a collection of unique & stylish backpacks that could accompany you as a complement, that could be the Serendipity of your day-a-day.


As one adventure more, we bring you Serendipia Brand, with the unique dream of surprise you, bringing you design and originality with an exclusive touch. We hope you love it, but above all, we hope that you let us accompany you in your follies, trips, adventures or just on the way to work or university, being sunny, raining or thundering ;).

We only had a condition, a social commitment, never use material from animals, from start to finish, all Serendipia is Animal Free!


Visit us from time to time, as restless people, we don't stop creating, designing and looking for new places to lose ourselves to allow us to create the perfect Serendipia for him, for her, for Everyone. We are convinced that we have the perfect one for you.

 - Find your Serendipia - 

O u r  F e e d


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